Oversaturation In Business Is A Myth

“Over-saturated” is a MYTH..and ultimately an excuse. No one company is “over-saturated”.. SURE, most of your online circle may have seen it or joined…but did you know there’s an ENTIRE world out there and people being born every minute, turning 18 every minute and looking for a way to make money from home EVERY minute?

There’s a NEW customer being born or needing what you have EVERY minute! If this wasn’t true, EVERY company out there would die. Just because YOU joined a company that all of your friends on Facebook have seen in the last year does NOT make it saturated. Just because you refuse to go outside of your comfort zone and step outside of the SAME circle that has had a business pitched to them 4x doesn’t mean the business is saturated…you just aren’t looking!

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You mean to tell me all 7+ billion people on the face of earth have been customers in your business or, much less, even HEARD of it? There are people in this world who still don’t know what McDonald’s is! What you need to ask yourself is, WHERE are you looking? Oh, in the same bucket-sized pond that everyone else has been looking…100x a week? No wonder you’ve come up with the idea that your company is saturated!

When I first came online, I actually did a lot of classifieds marketing and was “offline” on the phones all day long. There’s a WHOLE world of people out there who aren’t part of these little internet circles we are (and therefore don’t have 20 people pitching them daily..in fact, you almost have NO competition because it’s usually just YOU approaching them) who are READY for what you have.

Stop throwing your hands up and making weak excuses just because you want to stay in your comfort zone in these limited, small little circles we’ve got on Facebook in this industry.. Go look where nobody else is looking. FEASTS of people are EVERYWHERE and people actually try to complain because they’re eating crumbs from the same plate and don’t wanna go make their own!z

For those of you who have never used the word “saturated” and KNOW where the goldmines are, feel free to leave some ideas in the comments for our readers.. 🙂

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