In a nutshell..a little about me. I’m extremely passionate, brutally honest, hardworking, kind of crazy, fast paced, somewhat rebellious and unconventional. I’m a full-time PROUD #Mompreneur ..which is like the most amazing combo of ENTREPRENEUR and MOM, if you didn’t already know. A lot of ladies think the “title” is “wish washy” or “cheesy” but I wear it PROUDLY. Look, I’m a 32 year old woman. These are #GOALS and I’m happy I’ve got them under my diamond-studded belt 😉 …just kidding..I’m a mommy..I wear stretchy leggings. :-*

Moving along…

I’m my own boss, I don’t miss ANYTHING involving my kids or husband. I get to spend time with my family and loved ones WHENEVER I want and I have an amazing, solid full-time residual income in my home based business. I can buy plane tickets and travel ANYTIME, ANYWHERE I want. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I’m the BOSS. The freedom is absolutely AMAZING..even 6 years later..I still pinch myself that I’m living this life and that it’s possible for anyone who is simply determined enough!


It was NOT easy. In fact, things fell apart before they came back together more wonderful and stronger than ever..but I can say one is 200% WORTH IT. You JUST have to have DETERMINATION..I mean REAL, genuine, deep-rooted determination. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Earlier this year in Miami (South Beach). Hubby is in the background diving into the gorgeous, blue-green water. Being able to take “couples vacations” whenever you desire is DEFINITELY a marriage-saver!

As for my story?

Ok…here we go. It’s a novel..but it’s important that it’s a novel so you can get a SMALL taste of what angle I’m coming from….get a cup of tea, my love.. 😉

I wandered through life changing jobs about as often as I change underwear and being told I need to stick with something.

I went to nursing school, completed it, passed the nursing license exam and now that license sits in my drawer. I went up against thousands to get into the program. Took the national exams. Scored in the 95th percentile (nationally..amongst THOUSANDS of individuals who had taken it that year) and 99th percentile in the program. Eighteen of us were admitted. I was one of them–and don’t get me wrong, nursing was a passion of mine…but for several reasons, I decided to put it on hold and, ultimately, ended up not pursuing it.

I went back to corporate media and I finally had enough. THIS time around, I had an amazing boss (which is rare lol) and was working as a Sales Analyst (and assisting the VP of Finance) in corporate media..but the politics were horrible and, quite frankly, for no additional reasons, I felt like my soul was dying. I always KNEW I was meant to be an entrepreneur, but I guess I just didn’t realize HOW I was going to make that happen. I thought I had to save tons of money and open a conventional business, so I told myself I had a few more years to suffer it out.

Then I was introduced to the home based business arena and the concept of networking marketing and my life changed FOREVER. I voluntarily resigned from my analyst position in corporate media in November 2011 and told myself I was going to make it happen. Hell or high water. Yes, I literally told myself that.

I don’t have TOO much of a fuzzy feel good story, but I can say I was SO sick of doing what I was NOT designed for that I was FINALLY at a point where I was ECSTATIC to take a risk.

I decided I was NOT going to take out a ridiculous loan to finish my Bachelors in Nursing because, although I tortured myself for years feeling “incomplete” having not finished college, I knew deep down in my heart it realllly was not what I wanted to do. I had a passion for patience. I was 200% ok with the “dirty” part of nursing but the politics and stress made it seem very self limiting for just $80,000+ a year. The “regular” office job I left in corporate America paid that (and more) with 75% LESS stress.. What the heck was I signing up for, anyway? Passion or not, seeing all these nurses on anti-depressants and a whole array of psychiatric medicines with their health falling apart due to the stress was NOT appealing to me.

So…I told myself…”Deanna, stop worrying about what society has conditioned to believe. You know you’ve always wanted to be your own boss–even since you were 6 years old. You know you have gone thru a million jobs and you hate every single one of them. There’s nothing wrong with YOU. This clearly isn’t a fit. Try out entrepreneurship for a year. Invest a few hundred instead of taking out a a GINORMOUS tuition loan, and IF it doesn’t work for you, then go back to the conventional world because at LEAST you can say you tried.”

I jumped ALL THE WAY IN and NEVER looked back. Do you know how crazy people thought I was to just walk away from a position so many people wanted? Not to mention, I didn’t have any business built up. I was technically “in” one, but had only started it a few weeks beforehand.

Moving forward, I had my ups and downs like any other entrepreneur and this journey of entrepreneurship was turned upside a good way!

So life continues to chug along.. I’m going thru all of the entrepreneurial struggles..neglecting my loved ones…making a lot..losing a lot..watching my interpersonal relationships fall apart..feeling alone and without support…and back and forth..all those things that mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenge all successful entrepreneurs to their absolute MAX and breaking point..and then I got hit out of left field AGAIN….


Since 19 I was told by doctors I’d probably NEVER have a baby or be able to get pregnant due to my ongoing and worsening PCOS (Google it–female fertility problems, sigh). Don’t ask me why, but I never worried about it. I’ve always been career-focused so I guess it just wasn’t a huge stress of mine. Deep down, I always felt like it would happen. I didn’t know how, but I was sure of it..The same way I was sure about entrepreneurship 🙂

I was with my now-husband for 6 years and we were ..shall I say..celebrating his recent graduation from one of NYC’s top 10 universities..and he was on the Dean’s List the entire time, too! Out we go..partying..dancing..and being a little too care-free and..whoops..the one time in 6 years we weren’t “careful”..I’m pregnant on the 23rd day of my 29 day cycle..(no, I’m not sorry if this is TMI..this means nothing to the men reading this and everything to the women..) Let’s just put it this way..MOST women conceive on day to say we were shocked was an understatement. Just ONE time, huh?! …WHAT A MIRACLE…and SHOCK!!!

My pregnancy was SO brutal I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to work a traditional job..yet my checks still continued to roll on..What a relief..However, my income DID plummet during that time as I wasn’t as savvy as I am now and definitely not as stable.

We got engaged when I was 7 weeks pregnant..I threw up over the toilet right after saying I’d marry my then-boyfriend in my hometown of San Diego..and we were deadset on getting married Novemeber 15th..our anniversary..So down the aisle I walked at 6.5 months pregnant to say my vows..and, go figure, I popped out the WEEK leading up to the wedding..Huge ball of white lace! 😉


                   Here we are at the alter…officially husband & wife! (I’m 28 and hubby is 27 in this pic)

We fly back after a mini-moon (short, weekend honeymoon in San Diego at a resort on the bay) and a few weeks pass by when one night out of nowhere, I find myself in the hospital 9 weeks before the due date of my firstborn preparing to push.

I gave birth over 2 months early to my little guy, started to hemorrhage on the delivery table, he was rushed to NICU on O2 support as his lungs didn’t have a chance..and what was seemingly uneventful took a turn for the worst..When he was being transitioned from tubes to a breathing mask, he started to desat ..and medical professionals rushed to reintubate him. We’re now thinking the pressure from that is what caused his lungs to hemorrhage. Lung hemorrhages carry an over 40% fatality rate..We were grief stricken. Countless x-rays were given..transfusions were done..and the doctor prepared us for the worst for about 10 days straight. I was so stressed I was vomiting and crying at night.

In a nutshell, had our son bled just nearly a microscopic millimeter closer to a larger blood vessel, they wouldn’t have been able to save him. We prayed, non-religious friends and family of ours rushed to church to get down on their knees to pray for us..and we begged, cried and bargained with God..

The day our baby was discharged he was 35.5 weeks old (gestational age) and 4.3 pounds. Tiny but healthy as can be. Our little miracle made it out alive. My little guy and I were tested for everything…it all checked out..genetically..medically..healthwise..we were and are 100% “perfect”..We cannot give thanks to God enough.. With a subsequent pregnancy with his little sister (Gia), we finally figured out that I develop choleostasis & preclampsia as a result of pregnancy. Both life-threatening and both mark me as a very high risk pregnancy! My son coming early literally saved his stillborn rates are extremely high with these two conditions.


Here’s a picture of our sweet baby his first day off the o2 machine! Poor little guy had such a rough start <3

Fast forward..we come home..thinking..gosh babies are and sleep all day long..Little did we realize this was the way of the newborn and a month later..THINGS GOT REAL. Baby wasn’t content to sleep all day long and we were scrambling around ..exhausted..wondering if they forgot to send the “New Parent Manual” home with us from the hospital. Oh, did I mention he had colic?

To make things even MORE interesting, just as we were getting the hang of this parenting thing and I was taking off in business, we found out birth control SHOCKINGLY failed us (2 forms of it!) and we were pregnant a second time with Eddy Jr.’s sister…little Gia.

They’re 1 year and 10 months apart. Same spiel. Hard pregnancy. High risk. Emergency room visits, hospitalizations, induced delivery, I flat-lined and they had to call a code and it was a risky and stressful situation all over again. Baby girl was born at 34.5 weeks but did much better than her brother. We had monitoring and steroid shots to prep with her, so she came out breathing on her own and everything.

I suffered an injury due to the hospital and was literally unable to walk, stand vertically or even use the toilet on my own without major help from my husband. I was extremely depressed. I had a newborn, could barely function and handle her and was in so much pain, I couldn’t even sleep more than 45 minutes. The doctors wrote me off. I’m an entrepreneur I’m determined..I went searching and didn’t accept their answer that I would “just get better”. Had a blood patch done to address my spinal fluid puncture/leak and found an ANGEL of a Chiropractor again who had me walking and PAIN FREE in 3 a week!

So now I’m a working mom..and entrepreneur..a work from home mom a.k.a marketer! Between nursing, cleaning, cooking, sleeping in 45 minute increments, rushing around to doctors appointments and making myself my 100th peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I asked myself how I’d really be able to have a career..a business..and afford myself an income..and you was hard..I had to figure out to balance things..but  all doable..and I’m very passionate about helping others do the same..who may find themselves certain situations where they’re not sure how they’ll do it but hungry and KNOW it can be done…Oh, did I mention THIS baby girl had COLIC, too? The most AWFUL depression-inducing colic. IT. WAS. HARD.

Here’s our little girl after a particularly rough, 18-hour, pitocin-induced labor.
Stressful welcome to the world but she came out strong!

We were dealing with an incredibly jealous 22 month old baby and a newborn with extreme colic. I literally question how we were functioning then because NEITHER slept..and in the off chance one was sleeping, the other was up. Did I already tell you it was HARD??? (lol) I can laugh about it now, but I literally felt like I was going to lose my sanity 100% of the time… These days, with two toddlers in the house, that feeling has gone down. I only feel like I’m going to lose my mind about 99% of the time, now! 😉

              Here my two little ones are these days (2017) — Eddy Jr. (3.5) and Gia (1.5)
Both are turning 2 & 4 this winter! My miracle babies 🙂


Entrepreneurship was the ONLY answer for me…and an AMAZING one. I’m a career woman and a 9-5 absolutely wasn’t fitting into the equation as a viable option to make the money I knew I was worth AND have flexibility.

I have consistently gone back to where I came from….network marketing. After dabbling with a little bit of everything from eCommerce, to trading, consulting and real estate— I can say I have a REAL passion for network marketing and the industry! There is absolutely NOTHING better than being able to start a home based business for dollars and go from zero to thousands (or hundreds of thousands) in anywhere from a few months to a year! Where else is that (LEGALLY 😉 ) possible?!

Say it loud and proud “I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING”… There’s simply nothing like it and it’s where SO many of us got our start. It has opened so many doors and continues to be an outstanding and solid foundation in the business world.

I have found it to be the one business model/system where I can TRULY help people, regardless of their financial or educational background. The entry price-point is starkingly affordable and the blueprint is straightforward. Anyone with the right mindset who is willing to put in some elbow grease can make something HUGE of themselves in this amazing industry.

Of course, like MOST marketers, I went through my periods where I “swore off network marketing/MLM” and had an air of “I’m too big for this”…Basically, I “forgot” where I came from..and like MOST marketers..bit my tongue..and came back..and, right now, I am loving EVERY bit of it.

I’ve had success in each company I’ve been in. I’ve mainly left due to restructuring or pay issues..All things out of my control. Pay issues are dealbreakers. We work on commissions so pay is the #1 thing that should always be ironed out… So in searching for a new opportunity, I really dug far. I found something exciting but not because it’s a razzly dazzly idea, but more so because it’s SO sustainable. It really IS a build-it-once kind of legacy. I haven’t had anything catch my interest like this for over THREE years.

I did my research. I looked into profits, the background of the company, what they offered and dug back further to see how things with leaders and pay had gone.. Check, check and check! Everything checked out. So YES, for those who asked, I AM building a team. We’re experiencing the fastest growth in the company that there has been in 30 years and I’m eager to help anyone and everyone who’s looking for time and financial freedom.

This idea is just so simple. It almost feels effortless. But look at me…going off on tangents and gushing over business..Typical, dreamer entrepreneur 😉

THANK YOU for learning more about me. I would love to learn more about you. Leave your story in the comments below! …and if you’re looking for a HOME in business, feel free to *CLICK HERE* to learn more about working with me. No pressure, no obligations! Just me getting to know you and you getting to know me.

Either way, I wish you true wealth, abundance and life prosperity in your journey. If I can ever be of any help, don’t be a stranger!

Lots of Love,




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