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Social Media Popularity Doesn’t Always Result In Profits

TRUE STORY (just in case nobody has told you) : I’ll have posts with 100+ likes and all the comments in the world not always result in business..then I’ll have posts with 1-2 likes and a few private messages that result in thousands in clockwork. It has been this way for me for YEARS. Don’t be fooled by engagement and don’t worry too much about it. MOST of my biggest money-making posts appear to be the most dry (lol)..and I mean SUPER 1-2 likes and crickets..but the inbox is a different story  Just keep spreading the word about […]

The Reality Of MLM Burnout: How To Conquer It & Use It To Triple Your Success

Blog on burnout..Take break..deactivate FB..identify what burns you need a SYSTEM and set hours..leads..stop chasing people..let them weed themselves out..identify your WHY/dream a customer first..make sure you’re joining someone with a team/system..stick to ONE way of marketing and dedicate everything to becoming the expert..unsubscribe/unfollow big promoters/trainers/tools/other burnout happens with everyone..stop falling into #TeamNoSleep..reward yourself..your mind makes the connection.realize there’s NO damn easy way to make money.. So many people I’ve bumped into are BURNT out..They’re complaining, griping, just all around negative and jaded..looking for a better way (normally an easier way out…can’t…

Prospects You Need To Get Rid Of Immediately

There are too many important, MONEY-PRODUCING things you need to be doing than to be chasing the wrong people. You’ll find in prospecting, you’re just qualifying.   The vast majority of people aren’t qualified. There’s a difference between someone who you’ve followed up with giving you a direct “No”..”Not right now..” ..”Thanks, but this isn’t a fit for me..”..and you will grow to appreciate and respect those people. As a professional, you expect that what you have will be a fit for some and not for others but there are repeat offenders and certain types of people you need to […]

Thank You For Burning That Bridge: Entitlement Opportunity Pitches

People really burn bridges being pushy or taking it personally when you don’t partner with them. There are so many people I would be open to working with but the timing is NOT right and there’s ONE of me and I don’t juggle multiple deals. Many have been classy..asked if I’m open..and politely dipped out..remaining friendly..Others have gone silent, taken a month to reply to me once I replied to them thanking them for thinking of me but letting them know I’m focused (bet they would have replied in 5 minutes tops if my reply indicated I was going to […]

Success Is In The Follow Up: Guaranteed Way To Increase Sales

Want to know a guaranteed way that helps me make 3x more than MOST people out there in sales? FOLLOW UP.. I do a lot of the really SIMPLE and common sense stuff that’s a part of sales/marketing and having your own business and I do NOT miss a step.. Nothing magical about me..I do a series of easy stuff CONSISTENTLY and PERSISTENTLY. That’s it…If you’re not great at this, open a GMAIL account, open Google Drive and create an ongoing document where you can add a checklist where you ask yourself a series of questions that apply to ALL […]

Perspective: When You Feel You’re Having A Bad Day…

It’s often times the people who are going through the most brutal and painful storms who do the least complaining and are the most powerful and uplifting connections…. I have friends who… ..are fighting cancer/won the fight ..have lost a baby/child ..have lost someone to suicide ..have been up to 6 figures in debt ..have been horribly sexually assaulted ..have overcome destructive addictions …have lost their partner ..have been months behind on their rent/mortgage .. have been evicted ..have had their cars repo’d ..are single parents raising up to 7 kids with ZERO help ..were suicidal, depressed, manic, anxious or […]

Humility & Irrelevant Spectators In Business

To be successful you have to have a certain amount of humility and NOT care what others think of you. Seriously, you ARE going to fall on your ass in WILL have your ass handed to you on the way up and even have it burned..and you have to be 200% unaffected by ALL small minds and individuals without even 1/100th the amount of ambition as you, and their opinions & comments, in order to get what you want. Any negativity is almost ALWAYS a deflection of a person’s OWN insecurities because, let’s be real…can you really imagine that […]

I Love Pyramid Schemes

If “one of those pyramid things” is phrase in your vocabulary you might want to ask yourself what a job is. When a person comes to me interested in making money like I do and working from home but wants to make sure it’s not “one of those pyramid things” yet they cannot afford $99 to starts business and are being bossed around by someone else at a 9-5, it makes me SMH. I no longer am defensive or bothered by it because I’m living my life on my own terms and have what they wish they did.. Because I […]

The Reality: Breaking The Ice In Network Marketing

Good morning, sunshines! Today is a wonderful day to get PAID a full-time income from home! 😉 If you’re building your network marketing business & this is your starting point, don’t give up! Keep in mind that the vast majority of the population is willing to go into $60,000 worth of debt and spend 4-5 years completing a degree with ZERO guarantee of a job afterward and, in this day and age, MOST are having to take REALLY low paying, soul-sucking jobs. :-/ So when you feel frustrated remind yourself that you got yourself a friggin’ BARGAIN starting a business at […]

How This NYC Boy “Closed Me” 10 Years Ago Into Marriage & Having His Babies

You know..10 years ago I met Eddy & was adamant I did not want to be in a relationship..although I was talking to 5 guys at the time (TALKING..keyword lol) ..and one thing I will never forget is how one of the first times we went out to chill at the mall (I was applying to a 3rd sales job because I was a workaholic and loved money) he sits down in front of me, looks me straight in the eyes and says, “Yo Dee..I really like you and I want you to be just MY girl.. I know you […]