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Six Figures For College Loan & $36,000/year Job. Scam or not?

It’s an interesting world we live in. While I respect everyone’s choice to follow their own path their own way..and do what’s BEST for them… It’s funny how people are willing to pay $100,000+ for a 4-year degree to make $3,000/month at a job starting off.. ..but cringe at, for instance, investing $500 in their own business & maybe another $2,000 in a training program (random example..not speaking for my stuff) that would literally show them the exact steps to implement in 90 days to be making $10,000/month as their own boss… …but ‪#‎MLM‬ / ‪#‎NetworkMarketing‬ / ‪#‎entrepreneurship‬ isn’t “guaranteed” […]

Entrepreneurs, It’s Cool To Have A Job & Do Basic Stuff…

It’s OK to have a job..a 9-5..In fact, it’s awesome! Entrepreneurship is not a path for many and we are not above anyone in any way. It’s all about doing what works for you and makes YOU happy. I honor and respect everyone fulfilling their career-choice..Just don’t complain, whine or judge others for a less conventional path and we’re good. 🙂 Keep in mind that jobs are what have FUNDED most of our entrepreneurial ventures. It’s ALSO OK to do “simple/average/basic” people stuff like watch TV, go clubbing, go crazy over the super bowl, buy lotto tickets (especially if you […]

I’m An American Express Cardholder (Frickin’ YAY!)

So this isn’t QUITE business related but I’m still going to post it anyway because I’m a real person with real life ups and downs 😉 Happy News: I’m now an American Express cardholder! B-) Why is this a big deal for me? Well, my first relationship was terribly abusive. My ex brought me down SO bad it was insane and one of the many things he did was destroy my credit.. I’m talking 489 credit score. I couldn’t even open a bank account for a while. Yup, cashed my checks at the liquor store. It was horrible. Repos, a public […]

Entrepreneurial Failures & Who You’re In Competition With Becoming The 1%

Lying here with my baby napping nuzzled as close as he can possibly get to my chest and tummy..holding onto my one finger with his tiny hand. Moments like these are why I keep going no matter what. I’ve had next to ZERO support on my journey of entrepreneurship over the last 3 years…even when I was doing very well… People assumed I was consistently having success and that couldn’t be further from the truth.. I failed MANY times..and even now I still do..but I love it because it fuels me to keep pushing myself to my limits. Failure is […]

Entrepreneurs: Zero Support & How You ALLOW Others To Treat You

Entrepreneurs, you have to understand that MOST of you will not only receive little to ZERO support on your conquest to success but will ALSO receive OPPOSITION and negativity. Two things you can keep in mind are: 1) People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Set boundaries and be BOLD in putting them in their place. For instance, I understand people will have different opinions but nobody has ever been allowed to mock what I do (rarely have bumped into this) or make a passive aggressive joke and get away with it. There should be ZERO […]

Doubled My Last Best Week Ever & Opportunity Jumping

Entrepreneur Breakthrough!! Just had my BEST week ever in business and DOUBLED my last best week!! All of my praise goes to God! Sidenote: I love that I can intertwine my faith into business. Don’t worry..not looking to convert ya or talk about your “sins” (lol)..but just felt great to be able to be able to mention my God in the same sentence as my success. Can you imagine me standing up at a conference table in corporate America saying that? (lol) Some simple but major things shifted for me.. I stepped away from mainstream MLM‬ to follow some stronger passions […]

Being A Work At Home Mom Is The Bomb & Other Stuff

Being a work at home mom is SUPER hard, at times, but totally worth it. So maybe you’re a work at home mom or an aspiring one..or maybe even a dad! Hey, dads! B-) Not sure how it works in your life or relationship but I am still the one responsible for cooking, cleaning, running errands..anything domestic. OK, maybe the truth is that I do it because A) I get things done best or B) So I can use it against my husband to get my way for something else down the line 😉 It’s Monday and I’m looking forward […]

Knowledge Excites Me & $2,000 Is Beans

Knowledge excites me. It’s the one thing NOBODY can ever take from you. Today, I’ve started the journey to completing a $2,000 intensive, multi-step program taught by some well-known marketing millionaires to elevate my business game to even higher levels! Mindset Shift: While SO many are trying hard to poke holes in $99 business decisions, I’m over here thinking “Only $2,000 so I can earn multiple 6-7 figures? This is beans! It has to be a crime that I’m getting away with this for THIS cheap. Sign me up for the highest level!” I’m not even through 5% of the […]

Why I Left Empower Network: No…It’s Not A Scam, Silly!

A lot of people have been assuming that I’m still working Empower Network and/or are wondering WHY I left Empower Network. Empower Network is definitely a legitimate company but I left to focus solely on my primary business, which you can learn more about by clicking HERE. After careful comparison and review, I knew that focusing on my primary business would be the best vehicle to a solid, sustainable, long term 6 figure per MONTH residual income….and, honestly, I was having much more success and out-of-this-world retention rates because my business partners were able to start making money very quickly, […]