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You’re A Leader, Not A Genie: How To Identify & Stop Others From Draining You With Their Issues

There’s no way around it and no way I can advise you on this without sounding too forthcoming but this is one of those topics I cannot provide value with without being extremely direct. There comes a time in your life where you need to become almost brutal when it comes to taking care of yourself and protect your own energy and this is one of them. If you’re in the network marketing/home based business industry, we’re in the BUSINESS of helping others. With that being said, you’re a mentor/support line, not someone’s lifeline. It is CRUCIAL to also protect […]

Move 3x Faster In Business By Talking To People

People will spend tons of money and go to great lengths to avoid talking to people in this day and age.. 😳   ..and GOD FORBID I tell ANYONE this..because MOST people do NOT want to hear it or prefer to be in denial and remain less productive…but…   For the average person who does NOT have thousands of dollars and knowledge in internet marketing or a massive list and network… I’m here to tell you it’s way less annoying to just pick up the phone or meet someone. I mean..literally..you will save yourself around 80% of the aggravation.   […]

Spousal Support In Business: It’s Worth More Than Gold & Here’s Why..

✨A spouse’s support in business is worth more than gold! ✨   When a person loves you unconditionally and can BELIEVE in you, find it within themselves to ENVISION you a SUCCESS already and even attempt to understand & support you in foreign territories before you’ve had an ounce of success…that is the most beautiful type of love one can convey. These people can help bring you up or they can be a source of suppression at any given moment because we are tied so closely to them.   Don’t get me wrong. You cannot expect to be spending tons […]

Being Uncomfortable In Business Is Like Eating An Unseasoned Bowl Of Brussel Sprouts

I’ve had a lot of people ask for my tips and secrets to success and say they wanted to work with me but the truth is, guys, I just do a LOT of simple things, CONSISTENTLY and I follow directions and push myself to get out of my comfort zone (or invest) to become comfortable/good at something and if you work with me on a serious note, I’ll push you…in the sense I WILL hold your hand and lock arms with you as we’re running 🙂   Everything I know, I learned from 6-8 figure men in the industry. My […]

Written Thank You & Welcome Cards: The First Step To Customer Retention

Something I teach my business partners to do is send out a handwritten *Thank You*/Welcome card to new customers (business builders are customers, too) once they become members. These days, people really do appreciate little things like this a LOT.   Also, for those who want to go the extra mile, I tell them to take a small percentage of whatever commission they earned from their new customer doing business with them (if they did earn something) and throw in a nice gift. In our industry, you are considered to be doing well even if you are in the red […]

Rinse, Wash & Repeat: A Necessity For Success In Network Marketing

The only difference between a top earner and you is that we were willing to step out of our comfort zone & get back up 100x more and repeat the lucrative business building activities that discouraged you one time in.   I get the SAME. BS. YOU. GUYS. DO.   I get NOs   I get people leaving me on seen after they ask for info (then see them posting dumb shit on their wall or commenting on other dumb shit and pretending they’re mute and all of a sudden don’t know how to communicate or coming back with some […]

Oversaturation In Business Is A Myth

“Over-saturated” is a MYTH..and ultimately an excuse. No one company is “over-saturated”.. SURE, most of your online circle may have seen it or joined…but did you know there’s an ENTIRE world out there and people being born every minute, turning 18 every minute and looking for a way to make money from home EVERY minute? There’s a NEW customer being born or needing what you have EVERY minute! If this wasn’t true, EVERY company out there would die. Just because YOU joined a company that all of your friends on Facebook have seen in the last year does NOT make […]

Dealing With Toxic People: The Bridges You Burn Will Light The Way

“Don’t Burn Bridges” is a BULLSHIT line! (in MANY cases) Do you ever see someone becoming involved with someone toxic you used to be connected to and literally THANK the high Heavens it’s no longer you? ..and I mean genuinely..not even in a catty way..but a *sigh of relief and gratitude* type of way where you literally count your blessings and feel extreme happiness because your life is SO peaceful and you enjoy your peace SO much that you are just SO glad it’s not you dealing with that person anymore? BEST. FEELING. EVER. I am so beyond grateful for […]

Social Media Popularity Doesn’t Always Result In Profits

TRUE STORY (just in case nobody has told you) : I’ll have posts with 100+ likes and all the comments in the world not always result in business..then I’ll have posts with 1-2 likes and a few private messages that result in thousands in sales..like clockwork. It has been this way for me for YEARS. Don’t be fooled by engagement and don’t worry too much about it. MOST of my biggest money-making posts appear to be the most dry (lol)..and I mean SUPER dry..like 1-2 likes and crickets..but the inbox is a different story  Just keep spreading the word about […]