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God. Family. Career.

As much as you all know I love to hustle, I finally decided to completely take weekends “off” to thank God for my blessings & spend time with my family. <3 When we enter an environment of gratitude and abundance we realize that the world STILL goes on..people are STILL going to join your business and there are thousands more waiting to lock arms with you to achieve their goals. You CAN build a 6 figure income without breaking your back if you have the right guidance 🙂 You cannot preach a lifestyle of balance if you are not living one yourself. I’m […]

Most People Calling Themselves Entrepreneurs Are FAR From It..

A lot of people call themselves entrepreneurs but the truth is, only 10% of us are at best. Only 10% of us have what it takes. The rest are hobbyists, cheerleaders & quitters. Know this in advance when you build a team or market and you won’t get down on yourself too bad. Comes with the territory. It’s precisely why MOST people are not entrepreneurs. Give me a crowd of 10,000 people claiming to be entrepreneurs and I’ll show you 9,000 hobbyists, cheerleaders & soon-to-be quitters. Entrepreneurship has an insane way of weeding out the 90% and very quickly. Please […]

Go Make A Crapload Of Mistakes Right Now

Today I’m re-learning (once again) that perfection is awesome but not even close to necessary. Some of the marketers there are so new and naive that they’re GREEN and clueless but, needless to say, taking massive action and making 5x more than the perfectionist. I struggle with perfectionism..and I know many of you do, too.. But… I crack up thinking about how I was a newbie and built my list to my first 1,000+ subscribers within 2 weeks 100% free from Facebook. I had only been online a few months at this point. All I had was a SIMPLE recording […]

Flowers From My Husband

Flowers from my Husband: A little boy came into the restaurant today while we were eating and approached table after table trying to sell these for $10. ..and you guys know I really don’t like roses. They are common, prickly and blah..not even exotic…plus they just die unless they’re in a bush or potted. Nobody could be bothered and he looked so discouraged…and I saw his eyes tearing up a bit. He was trying to hide it and hold it back 🙁 We didn’t have cash on us so I grabbed Eddy’s card, went to the ATM & withdrew $80 & […]

Stop Being Mad About Your SMART Upline Changing Opportunities

Stop being mad about leaders & top earners changing companies. They owe you absolutely nothing. (Sidenote: I wrote this when I was in the MLM game. I now focus on internet marketing and the 4-hour work week as a mama) The whole name of the game in entrepreneurship is about being sharp enough to predict trends, forsee smart investments and be bold enough to make moves. Entrepreneurship is based on complete free will and trying new things, failing, reinventing yourself and even changing your mind a few times to find out where your passion lies and what you’re best at. […]

A Little Salt For Your Downline’s Superficial, Self-Inflicted Wound

When I was in MLM (and even now), I absolutely refused to be support or management to my downline. That’s what SYSTEMS are for..to fill in the gaps..I was there to encourage them and meet/get on the phone with them when they bring business to show them how to close. I hit levels and made money in every business I joined without ANY training or direct leadership (not that an upline/sponsor shouldn’t train or lead you). I created it ALL on my own. No training? No leadership? Ok, cool..So why aren’t YOU making it happen? Why aren’t YOU creating your […]

Writing Love Notes To Yourself When You’re Paid

I have a little something I do each time I transfer commissions. In the note section, I put a sweet, positive or uplifting note about my family (etc.) and then I *Thank God* for my success. I basically type mini-prayers to my Creator in my bank transfers each time I’m paid..no matter how small or big the amount. That’s me, though. I am a spiritual person and respect that not everyone is, but did you know that when you receive happily from the Universe (whatever that may be to you) that you attract MORE and more of the good stuff? […]

How I Do It ALL As A Work At Home Mom

I’ve had a LOT of moms ask me how I do it all..so I will keep posting this. Short answer: I don’t…Oh..and I’m a hot mess mommy.. LOL 1) Grandparents are my saving grace. I love my son and work on improving myself every day as a human being but I’m such an impatient mom that I’d go insane being home with him alone (during winter, much less) all day long. Grandparents have the wisdom and patience I don’t have and love spending time with their grandchild which allows me to not only work (and have the career of my […]

Know When To Pull The Plug & Don’t B.S. People

One of the things that has helped me a LOT in business is being able to foresee future events, make logical predictions and quickly unplug and switch my directions. Additionally, I don’t represent or brand anything/anyone BUT myself (tried it and it never goes well) and I’m completely transparent with my team of business partners. Forget being politically correct or any of that other nonsense. I never insult the intellect of grown adults I’m doing business with and give it to them raw and real right off the beat. I bite my tongue for NOBODY. I say exactly what’s on […]

Six Figures For College Loan & $36,000/year Job. Scam or not?

It’s an interesting world we live in. While I respect everyone’s choice to follow their own path their own way..and do what’s BEST for them… It’s funny how people are willing to pay $100,000+ for a 4-year degree to make $3,000/month at a job starting off.. ..but cringe at, for instance, investing $500 in their own business & maybe another $2,000 in a training program (random example..not speaking for my stuff) that would literally show them the exact steps to implement in 90 days to be making $10,000/month as their own boss… …but ‪#‎MLM‬ / ‪#‎NetworkMarketing‬ / ‪#‎entrepreneurship‬ isn’t “guaranteed” […]