You’re A Leader, Not A Genie: How To Identify & Stop Others From Draining You With Their Issues

There’s no way around it and no way I can advise you on this without sounding too forthcoming but this is one of those topics I cannot provide value with without being extremely direct.

There comes a time in your life where you need to become almost brutal when it comes to taking care of yourself and protect your own energy and this is one of them.

If you’re in the network marketing/home based business industry, we’re in the BUSINESS of helping others. With that being said, you’re a mentor/support line, not someone’s lifeline.

It is CRUCIAL to also protect your own energy and practice self care so that you can continue to be in a position to help others movers & shakers & be mentally and emotionally balanced.

Everyone has, at one time or another, major problems, issues, debts or struggles..and that’s OK! We’re human. What you want to do is address these, connect and understand others and aim to plug people into a resolution and see ACTION afterward. Constant venting without action/results becomes a vicious cycle of TOXIC dumping and is the equivalent to being stuck on a hamster wheel. You have to know WHEN to see the signs and how to jump off the emotional rollercoaster before you get sucked in, too!

What’s the balance? How can you tell it’s coming? How can you be genuinely caring but also not be dragged down yourself? What are nice ways to *block* this? How can I turn this into a positive outcome?

Click below to listen! I created a live recording just for this.

If you received value, please feel free to share. Otherwise, leave a comment and let us know how you’ve personally related to this or dealt with it!

Move 3x Faster In Business By Talking To People

People will spend tons of money and go to great lengths to avoid talking to people in this day and age.. 😳
..and GOD FORBID I tell ANYONE this..because MOST people do NOT want to hear it or prefer to be in denial and remain less productive…but…
For the average person who does NOT have thousands of dollars and knowledge in internet marketing or a massive list and network… I’m here to tell you it’s way less annoying to just pick up the phone or meet someone. I will save yourself around 80% of the aggravation.
Let me put something in perspective because I’ve successfully implemented most marketing methods out there..
There are 2 stores that sell the same product.
One store emails 20 customers…and that’s all they do and avoid any real interaction.
Another store calls all 20 customers and gets them on the phone (or invites them in to share the product face to face).
Who do you think will gain the most new customers? Out of 20 people, how many new customers do you think each store will gain? 
My numbers are pretty good but I’ve seen the average person actually takes MORE than 20 people (prospects) to develop ONE customer when they ONLY type/text vs. a person who talks to 20 people usually gaining 2 new customers. MANY great marketers I know on Facebook have given me an average of needing to do this back and forth typing nonsense with around 30 people to gain ONE customer.. Odds over the phone? 10 people for one customer.. 
A LOT of people become discouraged in this industry because they are scared to step out of their comfort zone and just talk to people. BTW, I get it..and you need a good mentor who will literally do this WITH YOU/shadow to quickly help you develop this skill that’s already within you unless you’ve lived in a cave your entire life. (Sidenote: I offer this to those who work with me and not many people do ..hint hint.)
People want to generate an income but are disappointed when they find out that when you don’t talk directly to someone, while you ABSOLUTELY can build 100% online behind social media, you WILL have to work 10x harder..because it’s MUCH easier for people to BS, stall, flake, lose focus or waste your time behind text…and nothing will ever change that… vs. addressing someone head on and qualifying/disqualifying them on the spot in minutes.
Just like people can kind of hide behind text and take the easy way out…SO can the prospect you’re talking to …MOST will..a few won’t and those will be your customers..but that’s NOT an option when you’re engaging in real time with people..You’re generally going to get a YES or NO.. It is AT LEAST 3x more effective to just pick up the phone and don’t even get me started on how much less time consuming it is.
Talking to people is the one thing there are no regulations and law against..and it’s the one thing that will ALWAYS work, never go out of style and is easy for your team to duplicate 🙂
You can build fast or you can build slow..VERY slow..It’s really up to you. 

Spousal Support In Business: It’s Worth More Than Gold & Here’s Why..

A spouse’s support in business is worth more than gold!
When a person loves you unconditionally and can BELIEVE in you, find it within themselves to ENVISION you a SUCCESS already and even attempt to understand & support you in foreign territories before you’ve had an ounce of success…that is the most beautiful type of love one can convey. These people can help bring you up or they can be a source of suppression at any given moment because we are tied so closely to them.
Don’t get me wrong. You cannot expect to be spending tons of money if you’re on a budget and expect your spouse to be gung-ho. You cannot make the mistake MANY of us make and be SO wrapped up in work that you’re neglecting your partner or family and expect that they have positive things to say about something negative they’re experiencing.
I almost lost my relationship like this as a new and budding entrepreneur. I was dipping into our joint bank account with no consideration and I was SO fixated and obsessed with business it was becoming unhealthy. I lived in the same house as my husband (then-boyfriend) but never saw him. He began to project a lot of negativity about business but the root of it was NOT business…it was me..and sometimes we get caught up and don’t realize our behaviors can throw this wrench into our relationships.
If you are tight on money, get a part-time job while you build or cut corners to even things out.
If you have been working too much, set boundaries. Two words: Time mangement. This is where balance comes in..and believe it or was when I stopped chasing 16 hour days 7 days a week and got down to 5 weekdays about 6 hours a day average I had the MOST productivity EVER.
It gives you time to decompress, recharge and keep the peace in your home. When everyone’s needs are being met, it makes your environment SO much less stressful to produce and build a business in.
If you have a spouse who has show ANY kind of support, IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS thank them. Validate them the way THEY are validating you. Include them in everything you can, if they’re open!
If you have a spouse that maybe isn’t directly supportive but at least refrains from being negative and steps back…COMPLIMENT them for that, too.. Validate them.. Tell them you understand they don’t understand the business or possibly believe in it but THANK THEM for allowing you the opportunity to try this and tell them you APPRECIATE that.
If you’re able to build your business because hubby works and you’re a stay at home mom, thank him DAILY for providing you the foundation of being able to pursue a passionate interest of yours. Seriously, he’s going to work daily to take care of the family so you can pursue your dreams as well. Appreciate that stability.
I’ve found that validating, appreciating and expressing gratitude to your partner ANY chance you get goes a LONG way and puts people at ease and REALLY changes the tone of things.
In the VAST majority of cases between two healthy adults, this almost always diffuses any previous tensions there were surrounding your business and you building one. If not, it’s time to question who you’re with.
Yep, I said it.
If you have gotten to the root of all problems, addressed them openly, communicated and quickly remedied them and are still being shot down, this is no longer a problem you’re in control of. Your partner is the problem.
In EVERY case I’ve seen that what I said above doesn’t work, it’s usually from those rare partners who are either extremely mentally low, miserable, controlling or partially abusive or insecure in themselves. All of these people will bring you down..but before you write your partner off as one of them, make sure you are doing the work to figure out the root of issues, setting expectations with your partner (i.e. I don’t expect you to be gung-ho but I do expect respect and from you to at LEAST refrain from bringing me down)..

Having your spouse on BOARD (at least—they don’t have to steer the boat lol!) is going to make YOUR life 10x easier, improve your mood and THEREFORE improve overall morale and keep the peace and balance as a whole. If they’re giving you ANY support at all.. Treat it LIKE GOLD.

Good luck! Let me know if you’ve implemented anything else into your relationship and find it has helped your partner be more supportive and kept the peace!

Being Uncomfortable In Business Is Like Eating An Unseasoned Bowl Of Brussel Sprouts

I’ve had a lot of people ask for my tips and secrets to success and say they wanted to work with me but the truth is, guys, I just do a LOT of simple things, CONSISTENTLY and I follow directions and push myself to get out of my comfort zone (or invest) to become comfortable/good at something and if you work with me on a serious note, I’ll push you…in the sense I WILL hold your hand and lock arms with you as we’re running 🙂
Everything I know, I learned from 6-8 figure men in the industry. My newest company is actually the FIRST time I’ve ever signed up with a woman (and she’s freakin’ awesome btw). I didn’t choose it to be this way but noticed one day that it was (lol)
The men I worked with were hard on me and didn’t care that I was a woman..They pushed me as competitively as they would any man. My own team and other partners would even note how much harder they were on me.That’s exactly what the men I worked with did with me and exactly how I became a prospector/closer and have been able to build businesses successfully for 6 years.
The easy way is usually the SLOW and broke way. If people would just commit to being a little uncomfortable a few times or for a short period of time as they quickly develop a skill and become better, they could all have success and be making money.
I equivalate doing uncomfortable things in business to eating a bowl of brussel sprouts ..with no butter..(or insert any other SUPER healthy food that’s good for you that you should be eating more of but don’t).. Does it hurt? Was it terrifying? Was it that hard? Did you die? Nope (lol) (Sidenote: I actually love brussel sprouts. They’re like tasty little cabbages!) 😉 :-p

If you knew you could keep having that bowl of (insert amazingly healthy food that you’re not crazy about) and would be in nearly 100% perfect health within a short period of time (weeks or months), would you just go ahead and do it pretty uneventfully? Sure you would!..and guess what? Eventually your palate would start to form a taste for it..and you’d even enjoy it (wild but true)..

Same thing goes for doing new things in business that stretch you..and at the end of the day it’s REALLY good for you and the curve of going from discomfort to relief and comfort is SO short… 🙂
Simply put..if everyone could do it or was WILLING to do it, there’d be no such thing (or need) for entrepreneurship and making the BIG BUCKS 😉
Do what others won’t to have what others don’t 😉

Written Thank You & Welcome Cards: The First Step To Customer Retention

Something I teach my business partners to do is send out a handwritten *Thank You*/Welcome card to new customers (business builders are customers, too) once they become members. These days, people really do appreciate little things like this a LOT.

Also, for those who want to go the extra mile, I tell them to take a small percentage of whatever commission they earned from their new customer doing business with them (if they did earn something) and throw in a nice gift. In our industry, you are considered to be doing well even if you are in the red for the first month. By taking a small portion of what you made from bringing on that customer, you are STILL in profit and now have a customer that is MANY times more likely to stay and be your lifelong customer in many cases. Do the math on that.

When is the last time you had this happen when you bought something? I bet you’d have to think pretty hard to remember because, the fact is, most businesses and business people don’t live by this “rule” these days. Remember the time someone did? How did it make you feel? Pretty awesome huh?!

Your customers are worth their weight in gold…almost quite literally! 🙂


It’s a proven statistic that it’s 6x more cost effective to retain happy customers than it is to acquire new ones. Additionally, happy customers are 10x more likely to refer others by word of mouth. Let that soak in! B-) A high level of customer satisfaction (where they’re having frequently pleasant experiences) is key to retention!

SURPRISE! People actually like being appreciated 😉 In a world where we can all go ANYWHERE, when someone chooses to do business with you it IS an honor and should be treated as such.

Extra note: Millenials are more loyal than you think. It was noted that 52% said they are either extremely loyal or quite loyal to their favorite brands and outside of the actual quality product or service the biggest personal touch was CUSTOMER SERVICE 🙂 This is what people put the most emphasis on these days because companies and brands with impeccable customer service are a dying breed!
Over 60% of all people will switch to a different company, whether it’s the same cost for their purchase or more, to receive better customer service. The awesome thing about having a home based business is that YOU can be customer service and provide a 5-star experience for your people 🙂
Do you have anything special you do for your customers? Leave a comment and share below. 

Rinse, Wash & Repeat: A Necessity For Success In Network Marketing

The only difference between a top earner and you is that we were willing to step out of our comfort zone & get back up 100x more and repeat the lucrative business building activities that discouraged you one time in.
I get the SAME. BS. YOU. GUYS. DO.
I get NOs
I get people leaving me on seen after they ask for info (then see them posting dumb shit on their wall or commenting on other dumb shit and pretending they’re mute and all of a sudden don’t know how to communicate or coming back with some BS excuse) 😆
I get people who cannot give a YES or NO to save their lives and waste my time
I get people who have been leaders in this industry come in and do ABSOLUTELY nothing…or mull over getting started for $59 🙄
I get people who have been top producers and earners previously who are victims of wounded warrior symptom and never get back up again.. years go by and they revert to jobs and never come back to repeat their success..(this one really makes my heart ache)
I get people in absolutely DIRE situations who talk a good game and come in and put more time into projecting limiting beliefs than just stepping outside of their comfort zone for the results.. I PROMISE ON MY LIFE, the way you feel defeated and broke now is 10x more painful than taking the first step to stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking the ice.
I get people who don’t want to approach their warm market..and also don’t want to pay for leads or marketing (rofl) I guess new business is just supposed to show up for them? 🙄
..but I DO THE WORK and find the winners. You guys DO realize you only need a handful of people to get very rich with, right?
Some people are worth HUNDREDS of people.
Because I’m willing to go through this process and rinse, wash and repeat.. I ALSO find those people.
I don’t do anything special outside of following directions & focusing but rinsing, washing and repeating 100x what SO many cannot bring themselves to do 10 times or even at all.
It’s not you.
There are no magic shortcuts.
There’s no secret.
This is how people doesn’t necessarily make them bad, it just makes them unfit for your business. Not ANY one business out there is attracting 100% of the people who are exposed to it.
Repeat exposure (thru REPEATEDLY doing the work) is what gets some to stick and snowballs into a successful business.

Oversaturation In Business Is A Myth

“Over-saturated” is a MYTH..and ultimately an excuse. No one company is “over-saturated”.. SURE, most of your online circle may have seen it or joined…but did you know there’s an ENTIRE world out there and people being born every minute, turning 18 every minute and looking for a way to make money from home EVERY minute?

There’s a NEW customer being born or needing what you have EVERY minute! If this wasn’t true, EVERY company out there would die. Just because YOU joined a company that all of your friends on Facebook have seen in the last year does NOT make it saturated. Just because you refuse to go outside of your comfort zone and step outside of the SAME circle that has had a business pitched to them 4x doesn’t mean the business is saturated…you just aren’t looking!

You mean to tell me all 7+ billion people on the face of earth have been customers in your business or, much less, even HEARD of it? There are people in this world who still don’t know what McDonald’s is! What you need to ask yourself is, WHERE are you looking? Oh, in the same bucket-sized pond that everyone else has been looking…100x a week? No wonder you’ve come up with the idea that your company is saturated!

When I first came online, I actually did a lot of classifieds marketing and was “offline” on the phones all day long. There’s a WHOLE world of people out there who aren’t part of these little internet circles we are (and therefore don’t have 20 people pitching them fact, you almost have NO competition because it’s usually just YOU approaching them) who are READY for what you have.

Stop throwing your hands up and making weak excuses just because you want to stay in your comfort zone in these limited, small little circles we’ve got on Facebook in this industry.. Go look where nobody else is looking. FEASTS of people are EVERYWHERE and people actually try to complain because they’re eating crumbs from the same plate and don’t wanna go make their own!z

For those of you who have never used the word “saturated” and KNOW where the goldmines are, feel free to leave some ideas in the comments for our readers.. 🙂

Dealing With Toxic People: The Bridges You Burn Will Light The Way

“Don’t Burn Bridges” is a BULLSHIT line! (in MANY cases)

Do you ever see someone becoming involved with someone toxic you used to be connected to and literally THANK the high Heavens it’s no longer you? ..and I mean genuinely..not even in a catty way..but a *sigh of relief and gratitude* type of way where you literally count your blessings and feel extreme happiness because your life is SO peaceful and you enjoy your peace SO much that you are just SO glad it’s not you dealing with that person anymore?


I am so beyond grateful for the people in my life and extra grateful for those I chose to remove from it. Friends, business partners and relatives. I burned the bridge and I ALWAYS burn bridges when I choose to.. I don’t believe in giving toxic people unlimited chances to keep bringing you down. They didn’t even deserve a second chance in the first place. These people never change. If you catch one in their late 30s and up..the chances of them changing are especially closer to 0% than ever.

I’m 32 years old and to this DAY I have never once regretted burning any bridges. Don’t allow anyone to hold that shit over you and cause you to live in scarcity. Bridges must be demolished and burnt to dust when it comes to toxic individuals.. You don’t need anyone or everyone to see they’re toxic. TRUST your OWN compass. You FEEL something’s off..and your intuition never lies.

..and if you’re EVER confused because they “seem so nice” on the outside or everyone thinks they’re just great..take a one week break from them..You feel sane now? Suddenly positive? There’s your answer. It was them the entire time..not you..and I guarantee you they’re either narcissists or passive aggressive (likely both).. Educate yourself on how these individuals work..and get rid of them and burn the entire bridge down fast. Don’t fall into them telling you that all you do is cut people off/isolate yourself or that you need to work out things with them. Prepare yourself because that’s a line some of the most toxic people I’ve known use to keep you (their supply) in the circle of abuse.

You’re welcome in advance.. 

Have you dealt with anything like this? How did you burn your bridges down and was it worth it? Comment below!

Social Media Popularity Doesn’t Always Result In Profits

TRUE STORY (just in case nobody has told you) :

I’ll have posts with 100+ likes and all the comments in the world not always result in business..then I’ll have posts with 1-2 likes and a few private messages that result in thousands in clockwork. It has been this way for me for YEARS.

Don’t be fooled by engagement and don’t worry too much about it. MOST of my biggest money-making posts appear to be the most dry (lol)..and I mean SUPER 1-2 likes and crickets..but the inbox is a different story 

Just keep spreading the word about your business & service & be consistent.. It pays off  No artificial ego boosts needed