Move 3x Faster In Business By Talking To People

People will spend tons of money and go to great lengths to avoid talking to people in this day and age.. 😳
..and GOD FORBID I tell ANYONE this..because MOST people do NOT want to hear it or prefer to be in denial and remain less productive…but…
For the average person who does NOT have thousands of dollars and knowledge in internet marketing or a massive list and network… I’m here to tell you it’s way less annoying to just pick up the phone or meet someone. I will save yourself around 80% of the aggravation.
Let me put something in perspective because I’ve successfully implemented most marketing methods out there..
There are 2 stores that sell the same product.
One store emails 20 customers…and that’s all they do and avoid any real interaction.
Another store calls all 20 customers and gets them on the phone (or invites them in to share the product face to face).
Who do you think will gain the most new customers? Out of 20 people, how many new customers do you think each store will gain? 
My numbers are pretty good but I’ve seen the average person actually takes MORE than 20 people (prospects) to develop ONE customer when they ONLY type/text vs. a person who talks to 20 people usually gaining 2 new customers. MANY great marketers I know on Facebook have given me an average of needing to do this back and forth typing nonsense with around 30 people to gain ONE customer.. Odds over the phone? 10 people for one customer.. 
A LOT of people become discouraged in this industry because they are scared to step out of their comfort zone and just talk to people. BTW, I get it..and you need a good mentor who will literally do this WITH YOU/shadow to quickly help you develop this skill that’s already within you unless you’ve lived in a cave your entire life. (Sidenote: I offer this to those who work with me and not many people do ..hint hint.)
People want to generate an income but are disappointed when they find out that when you don’t talk directly to someone, while you ABSOLUTELY can build 100% online behind social media, you WILL have to work 10x harder..because it’s MUCH easier for people to BS, stall, flake, lose focus or waste your time behind text…and nothing will ever change that… vs. addressing someone head on and qualifying/disqualifying them on the spot in minutes.
Just like people can kind of hide behind text and take the easy way out…SO can the prospect you’re talking to …MOST will..a few won’t and those will be your customers..but that’s NOT an option when you’re engaging in real time with people..You’re generally going to get a YES or NO.. It is AT LEAST 3x more effective to just pick up the phone and don’t even get me started on how much less time consuming it is.
Talking to people is the one thing there are no regulations and law against..and it’s the one thing that will ALWAYS work, never go out of style and is easy for your team to duplicate 🙂
You can build fast or you can build slow..VERY slow..It’s really up to you. 

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