Perspective: When You Feel You’re Having A Bad Day…

It’s often times the people who are going through the most brutal and painful storms who do the least complaining and are the most powerful and uplifting connections….

I have friends who…

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..are fighting cancer/won the fight
..have lost a baby/child
..have lost someone to suicide
..have been up to 6 figures in debt
..have been horribly sexually assaulted
..have overcome destructive addictions
…have lost their partner
..have been months behind on their rent/mortgage
.. have been evicted
..have had their cars repo’d
..are single parents raising up to 7 kids with ZERO help
..were suicidal, depressed, manic, anxious or suffering mentally at some point in their lives…
..were raped by their family members and forced to have an illegal late term abortion as a teenager
..were beat so bad by an ex they were on life support in a hospital for days
..suffer from PTSD from fighting for our freedoms in war…

The list goes on …Some of the thing that have been shared with me in confidence are truly depressing…

..and you would NEVER know because you never see them whining and many are amazingly some of the strongest, most successful, down-to-earth, grateful people out there..

They are victors, not victims..and we can all learn something from them.

None of us are perfect and we ALL vent..but this is something to keep in mind whenever you think things are bad <3

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