Prospects You Need To Get Rid Of Immediately

There are too many important, MONEY-PRODUCING things you need to be doing than to be chasing the wrong people. You’ll find in prospecting, you’re just qualifying.
The vast majority of people aren’t qualified. There’s a difference between someone who you’ve followed up with giving you a direct “No”..”Not right now..” ..”Thanks, but this isn’t a fit for me..”..and you will grow to appreciate and respect those people. As a professional, you expect that what you have will be a fit for some and not for others but there are repeat offenders and certain types of people you need to completely remove from the equation and eliminate from your circle immediately…
Here are some of them:
1) People who are SUPPOSEDLY “too busy” (bullshit excuse..I’m 4x busier than almost everyone I know) and “haven’t watched the presentation yet”..after you’ve followed up 2-3x and it’s a week or more after the fact. They’re not too busy..They’re too lazy and wasting your time.
Outside of extreme circumstances, this is ALWAYS an excuse. People will huff, puff and want to make you feel sorry for them that their life is hard and try to make their problems your problems.
Get rid of people who disrespect your time or don’t have enough decency or a backbone to say something simple like “No thanks..” etc.
2) People who are paranoid about giving simple information or putting a name/email address into a capture page. Biggest pains in the ass EVER. They’ll want you to spoonfeed them every last bit of information upfront and be HELL to deal with if they join you. Being this paranoid is a mental illness and your job title isn’t “Psychiatrist”..Keep it moving.

3) People who either stop at your capture page or opt-in, watch the presentation and come back to you and SERIOUSLY ask “So what’s this about, again?” If they’re too stupid to watch a video that literally LAYS OUT the information on silver platter for them, they’re too stupid to do business with you. I have no idea why they’re even allowed to drive on public roads. This one is!

4) People who ask the WRONG questions.. YEP, forget what your 2nd grade teacher said. There ARE such things as WRONG least in business 😉 Those would include..

Work With Me: Earn $500-$12,000 A Month 100% Online

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Yes, I agree to receive transactional and marketing emails from your business.

Your privacy matters. Your information will NEVER be shared.

“Are refunds allowed?”… Translates to: I’m going to waste the shit out of your time and probably do nothing..Then I’ll cry because I’m still broke, panic and demand a refund..putting you through further hell..all for won’t even be paid a commission for your efforts because I’m an adult loser looking to fail right out the gate.

“How much are YOU making?” (this one is a bit business you should be able to show you’re having results but someone too fixated on YOUR income is already setting themselves up to be disappointed and should be focusing on themselves and what THEY can earn..)

“Can I make <insert LARGE amount of money they’ve never managed to make> in 6 days? My rent is due..” This translates to: I’m broke because I repeat bad habits and I’m going to come into this with anxiety and a scarcity mindset expecting to achieve results 20x bigger than I ever have before in 20x less time..and if I don’t..I’ll probably hassle you for a refund or whine and bitch about how I didn’t make any money in this. I’m a liability. I’m stressing you out about my shitty financial situation and putting pressure on you when it should be on me..because I’m the grown adult who got myself into such a crappy financial bind.

“How can I be sure..?” ANYTHING that sounds like this is another translation for: I’m scarcity minded and trying to make it your job to reprogram my paranoid mentality. I’m not even close to being ready for business because business is about taking risks..not being sure. I need to get a 9-5 job if I want to “be sure”…

OK..enough of my sarcasm 😉 ….but there’s a lot of truth in these, right?

5) People who are CONSISTENTLY BROKE! I’m talking about those people who, for the last couple of years, just have NEVER been able to scratch up the money to better themselves. It’s nothing personal but why stay connected to people with a lifetime habit of self-inflicted poverty? And that’s EXACTLY what it is. We live in the USA. There’s opportunity everywhere. No matter HOW nice they are or how long you’ve known them, make the cut..swiftly. Do you think Bentley markets to people who come up short on rent every month? No..not their target crowd.. People who consistently fail to be in a position to invest are not your target crowd either. It is REALLY important in business to dissociate your feelings from facts or you’ll put yourself at risk to have the life force sucked out of you by people who are literally NEVER going to get ahead and, in turn, stand to hold you back as well.

6) The “repeat askers”...Who ask for information EVERY launch you have but NEVER join for whatever bullshit reason. Thanks for the post boost but outside of that, you’re indecisive (horrible trait that doesn’t stand a chance in business) and another friendly, little time waster. Business is about getting in front of people who are SERIOUS—NOT CURIOUS. These Looky-Loos have way too much damn time on their hands..and I’ve never met ONE who is successful or making a substantial amount of money.

7) The people who mull over the price tag. OBVIOUSLY they found your opportunity valuable enough to ask about but are already making excuses as to not pay it. You can’t teach basic minded people that $1,000-$10,000+ is a kick-ass “deal” to be taught how to make 6-figures in their first year. They don’t get it. Let these cheapskates save up half a million to buy/run a McDonald’s franchise and ask them how they’re doing in a few years 😉

The above people lower your vibes. Harsh truth. No matter how long you’ve known them or how friendly there are, to reach the heights that you wish to reach, you MUST have enough guts to shuffle and sort..get rid of them.

They’re all essentially full of excuses and excuses are tools of the incompetent. Your job in business is to qualify prospects. Incompetent ones will be disqualified across the board to ever do business or be great. Use this checklist to chuck them and make your life easier and get many steps closer to your goals with a bit more ease.

Let me know your thoughts and if there are any other prospects you eliminate in your line up, below.. 🙂

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