The Question That Has 95% Of Prospects Saying YES To Looking At My Business….

Don’t scroll down. Read this 😉 You’ll laugh at how simple the question is later.

Just so you guys know, the vast majority of us producers/leaders (whatever you want to call us) never knock someone for pitching us. I know I don’t. I expect it. It’s part of the business and part of what we do. We don’t spend our time making fun of people for that. You’ll never see me posting passive aggressive nonsense about others trying to build their business..

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What people DISLIKE is insincerity. We’ll respect someone who is genuine, doesn’t beat around the bush or is courteous enough to preface their pitch with something like “Are you open?” .. Real talk. It shows you’re actually CONSIDERATE of the other person..their time..whether or not they’re committed to something else..or if they’re at a place they even WANT to look.
I just reached out to a handful of people and skipped right past the small talk and simply asked them if they were open to taking a look at something I had. So far, 95% of them have said YES and even THANKED me for inviting them to look at my opportunity…and 100% of them have been VERY courteous back to me.
People make this so much harder than it needs to be. JUST ASK.
Behind that profile picture and message box is a REAL person who wants to be treated like a REAL human being.
Don’t spam people..
Don’t BS and act friendly when you have other motives.
Be upfront with people because they respect HONESTY and will see you’re sincere.

Don’t be so self-centered that you don’t FIRST ask the person if they basically even WANT to take a look..that’s MINIMAL courtesy! You have no idea what a person is going thru in life. Allow them the opportunity to accept or not. When they say YES, you have their permission and everything goes smoothly because you aren’t FORCING something on them. This sets the tone for the entire flow of EVERYTHING.

..and..PUHLEEEAASE….do NOT ask them “Are you open to taking a look at something that won’t currently interfere with what you’re doing?”..when you/we know that 98% of what you’re about to show WILL interfere with what they’re currently doing. I say get rid of the word “interfere” and just leave it out of the convo. Allow them to look without preconceptions and make a decision later.

..and DOUBLE PLEASE…do NOT insult someone by phrasing the question with anything that involves “Are you openMINDED?” ..or..”LIKEMINDED”.. or “Are you open to change?”.. it’s undermining and it’s an insult. If you were socially inept and didn’t know this…now you do..and you’re welcome. Don’t do it! It’s ALL in the way you ask.

“Are you open to taking a look?” is seriously the most simple and respectful question that has opened most doors in network marketing 🙂

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