Rinse, Wash & Repeat: A Necessity For Success In Network Marketing

The only difference between a top earner and you is that we were willing to step out of our comfort zone & get back up 100x more and repeat the lucrative business building activities that discouraged you one time in.
I get the SAME. BS. YOU. GUYS. DO.
I get NOs
I get people leaving me on seen after they ask for info (then see them posting dumb shit on their wall or commenting on other dumb shit and pretending they’re mute and all of a sudden don’t know how to communicate or coming back with some BS excuse) 😆
I get people who cannot give a YES or NO to save their lives and waste my time
I get people who have been leaders in this industry come in and do ABSOLUTELY nothing…or mull over getting started for $59 🙄
I get people who have been top producers and earners previously who are victims of wounded warrior symptom and never get back up again.. years go by and they revert to jobs and never come back to repeat their success..(this one really makes my heart ache)
I get people in absolutely DIRE situations who talk a good game and come in and put more time into projecting limiting beliefs than just stepping outside of their comfort zone for the results.. I PROMISE ON MY LIFE, the way you feel defeated and broke now is 10x more painful than taking the first step to stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking the ice.
I get people who don’t want to approach their warm market..and also don’t want to pay for leads or marketing (rofl)..so I guess new business is just supposed to show up for them? 🙄
..but I DO THE WORK and find the winners. You guys DO realize you only need a handful of people to get very rich with, right?
Some people are worth HUNDREDS of people.
Because I’m willing to go through this process and rinse, wash and repeat.. I ALSO find those people.
I don’t do anything special outside of following directions & focusing but rinsing, washing and repeating 100x what SO many cannot bring themselves to do 10 times or even at all.
It’s not you.
There are no magic shortcuts.
There’s no secret.
This is how people are..it doesn’t necessarily make them bad, it just makes them unfit for your business. Not ANY one business out there is attracting 100% of the people who are exposed to it.
Repeat exposure (thru REPEATEDLY doing the work) is what gets some to stick and snowballs into a successful business.

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