Spousal Support In Business: It’s Worth More Than Gold & Here’s Why..

A spouse’s support in business is worth more than gold!
When a person loves you unconditionally and can BELIEVE in you, find it within themselves to ENVISION you a SUCCESS already and even attempt to understand & support you in foreign territories before you’ve had an ounce of success…that is the most beautiful type of love one can convey. These people can help bring you up or they can be a source of suppression at any given moment because we are tied so closely to them.
Don’t get me wrong. You cannot expect to be spending tons of money if you’re on a budget and expect your spouse to be gung-ho. You cannot make the mistake MANY of us make and be SO wrapped up in work that you’re neglecting your partner or family and expect that they have positive things to say about something negative they’re experiencing.
I almost lost my relationship like this as a new and budding entrepreneur. I was dipping into our joint bank account with no consideration and I was SO fixated and obsessed with business it was becoming unhealthy. I lived in the same house as my husband (then-boyfriend) but never saw him. He began to project a lot of negativity about business but the root of it was NOT business…it was me..and sometimes we get caught up and don’t realize our behaviors can throw this wrench into our relationships.
If you are tight on money, get a part-time job while you build or cut corners to even things out.
If you have been working too much, set boundaries. Two words: Time mangement. This is where balance comes in..and believe it or not..it was when I stopped chasing 16 hour days 7 days a week and got down to 5 weekdays about 6 hours a day average I had the MOST productivity EVER.
It gives you time to decompress, recharge and keep the peace in your home. When everyone’s needs are being met, it makes your environment SO much less stressful to produce and build a business in.
If you have a spouse who has show ANY kind of support, IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS thank them. Validate them the way THEY are validating you. Include them in everything you can, if they’re open!
If you have a spouse that maybe isn’t directly supportive but at least refrains from being negative and steps back…COMPLIMENT them for that, too.. Validate them.. Tell them you understand they don’t understand the business or possibly believe in it but THANK THEM for allowing you the opportunity to try this and tell them you APPRECIATE that.
If you’re able to build your business because hubby works and you’re a stay at home mom, thank him DAILY for providing you the foundation of being able to pursue a passionate interest of yours. Seriously, he’s going to work daily to take care of the family so you can pursue your dreams as well. Appreciate that stability.
I’ve found that validating, appreciating and expressing gratitude to your partner ANY chance you get goes a LONG way and puts people at ease and REALLY changes the tone of things.
In the VAST majority of cases between two healthy adults, this almost always diffuses any previous tensions there were surrounding your business and you building one. If not, it’s time to question who you’re with.
Yep, I said it.
If you have gotten to the root of all problems, addressed them openly, communicated and quickly remedied them and are still being shot down, this is no longer a problem you’re in control of. Your partner is the problem.
In EVERY case I’ve seen that what I said above doesn’t work, it’s usually from those rare partners who are either extremely mentally low, miserable, controlling or partially abusive or insecure in themselves. All of these people will bring you down..but before you write your partner off as one of them, make sure you are doing the work to figure out the root of issues, setting expectations with your partner (i.e. I don’t expect you to be gung-ho but I do expect respect and from you to at LEAST refrain from bringing me down)..

Having your spouse on BOARD (at least—they don’t have to steer the boat lol!) is going to make YOUR life 10x easier, improve your mood and THEREFORE improve overall morale and keep the peace and balance as a whole. If they’re giving you ANY support at all.. Treat it LIKE GOLD.

Good luck! Let me know if you’ve implemented anything else into your relationship and find it has helped your partner be more supportive and kept the peace!

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