Success Is In The Follow Up: Guaranteed Way To Increase Sales

Want to know a guaranteed way that helps me make 3x more than MOST people out there in sales?

FOLLOW UP.. I do a lot of the really SIMPLE and common sense stuff that’s a part of sales/marketing and having your own business and I do NOT miss a step.. Nothing magical about me..I do a series of easy stuff CONSISTENTLY and PERSISTENTLY.

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That’s it…If you’re not great at this, open a GMAIL account, open Google Drive and create an ongoing document where you can add a checklist where you ask yourself a series of questions that apply to ALL sales transactions from prospecting to closing the sale to upselling.

Nearly 50% of all sales people NEVER follow up (Honestly, from what I’ve seen and experienced, I’d be willing to bet this is closer to 85%+++)…

About 25% make a second contact and then stop..

Around 12% make more than 3 contacts…

Considering that MOST new clients/sales/customers are created AFTER the 5th contact/exposure, those stats show why so many people fail at entrepreneurship…MLM, network marketing..or just flat out being any kind of business owner.

I cannot even tell you how many sales I’ve closed where the person has ALREADY seen something similar (and many times the EXACT same offer) but hasn’t been followed up with.

There’s a reason WE are in sales and other people are the consumers. Stop expecting them to chase you 😉

BE ATTENTIVE and learn to anticipate their needs in advance.

Here are a few tips that can help you 🙂

1) Make sure you connect with them PERSONALLY…or else it’s NOT  follow up.

2) If they aren’t sure about something, ask them what questions you can answer.

3) If they aren’t ready or are busy, give them two options for a date and time to call them back.

4) EVEN if they decide not to go through with your offer, ask if you can give them a ring in 60 days (for example) to see if things have changed …AND, once you’ve set that in your calendar, as them for some referrals! (I like to mention to potential clients that they receive X amount per referral OR X amount per referral that turns into my client..)

5) Use phone, mail and mail. Be constantly dripping on them. For instance, I know I sometimes allow my voicemails to pile up  but I NEVER miss an email 🙂 Cover your bases!

6) Remember that follow up doesn’t have to be EVERY hour and day. I typically suggest daily follow up the first few days while the prospect is hot/warm..and then every 3 days after that UNTIL you receive a flat out NO/NOT right now response.

7) The bottom line is..Try to never walk away empty handed..and by that I don’t mean to harass them until you have made a commission (lol) I mean walk away with some kind of RESULT or completed action..Walk away with a definite NO, a time you can call back, permission to follow up in a month or two and/or a handful of referrals.

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  • October 4, 2015

    Solid followup tips Deanna.

    Makes we want to pick up the phone and follow up with some of my old leads from the past.

    Have an awesome day!


    • October 6, 2015

      Yay! Just saw your message and this comment. Glad I could give you a little fire 🙂

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