Thank You For Burning That Bridge: Entitlement Opportunity Pitches

People really burn bridges being pushy or taking it personally when you don’t partner with them. There are so many people I would be open to working with but the timing is NOT right and there’s ONE of me and I don’t juggle multiple deals.

Many have been classy..asked if I’m open..and politely dipped out..remaining friendly..Others have gone silent, taken a month to reply to me once I replied to them thanking them for thinking of me but letting them know I’m focused (bet they would have replied in 5 minutes tops if my reply indicated I was going to make them money) vanished or even gone as far to burn a bridge with me because I wasn’t interested, didn’t have the time and am focused on my own project. These are people I would have worked with in the future until their true colors came out (lol) Sometimes, it’s not so obvious either.

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One girl spammed my inbox about being a single mom needing money and asked me to host a party for her. I normally don’t like doing things feeling sorry for people or out of obligation but I was in a good mood and started to set up a party. I got got the best of me..and the party fizzled..The DAY it fizzled..she went from being very sweet to blocking me (lol) Entitlement, much? Funny part is..just less than a year later I joined the same company she’s in and guess who I did NOT join with? hahaha

If you take things personally then sales/marketing is soooo not for you. Stop thinking about yourself and think about the person you’re approaching.

I receive hundreds of pitches..There’s ONE of me. I decline 99.9% of them because I am laser-focused and it’s just my style to focus on one thing at a time..Many of these people I would have liked to work with in the future until they pulled their greedy, ego-driven adult cyber tantrum and left me TOTALLY turned off and DISGUSTED..I mean, seriously, put a sticker on your forehead that says “I’m just in this for me and we can’t be friends if you don’t do things my way in my time” ..

If you cannot handle the minimal adversity of being politely declined, you’re seriously going to end up being a serial killer. See ya on the 8 o’ clock news..LOL

Just kidding..

But you may need to work on yourself mentally..and dig really deep into some personal development because life isn’t full of “YES” answers or green lights.

I beg of you guys..don’t be this amateur. Know where to stop. Know there’s a fine line between you prospecting, pitching and just being aggravating and over driven on what that person can do for YOU in your business.

I have known people who said NO for 5+ years to another individual only to partner with them later when the time was right, the stars aligned, and they were ready…and they went on to blow things out of the water. Will this happen for you? Not necessarily, but if someone was attractive enough for you to approach and desire to have in your business, do you really want to burn all bridges with them?

Have some class.

I cannot even tell you how many referrals I have received (that I didn’t even ask for) because I’m just a decent human  being who respects a person need to do what’s best for them and the fact that it MAY NOT always include partnering with me in my opportunity at any given time. Big deal! This is NETWORK marketing..not TYRANT-FORCED marketing..LOL

So that leaves me to ask you..How do you approach people? How do you react when they decline you? Have you ever dealt with an entitlement pitch as I described above? What was that like and what bit of advice would you give that person? 🙂

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