Dealing With Toxic People: The Bridges You Burn Will Light The Way

“Don’t Burn Bridges” is a BULLSHIT line! (in MANY cases)

Do you ever see someone becoming involved with someone toxic you used to be connected to and literally THANK the high Heavens it’s no longer you? ..and I mean genuinely..not even in a catty way..but a *sigh of relief and gratitude* type of way where you literally count your blessings and feel extreme happiness because your life is SO peaceful and you enjoy your peace SO much that you are just SO glad it’s not you dealing with that person anymore?

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I am so beyond grateful for the people in my life and extra grateful for those I chose to remove from it. Friends, business partners and relatives. I burned the bridge and I ALWAYS burn bridges when I choose to.. I don’t believe in giving toxic people unlimited chances to keep bringing you down. They didn’t even deserve a second chance in the first place. These people never change. If you catch one in their late 30s and up..the chances of them changing are especially closer to 0% than ever.

I’m 32 years old and to this DAY I have never once regretted burning any bridges. Don’t allow anyone to hold that shit over you and cause you to live in scarcity. Bridges must be demolished and burnt to dust when it comes to toxic individuals.. You don’t need anyone or everyone to see they’re toxic. TRUST your OWN compass. You FEEL something’s off..and your intuition never lies.

..and if you’re EVER confused because they “seem so nice” on the outside or everyone thinks they’re just great..take a one week break from them..You feel sane now? Suddenly positive? There’s your answer. It was them the entire time..not you..and I guarantee you they’re either narcissists or passive aggressive (likely both).. Educate yourself on how these individuals work..and get rid of them and burn the entire bridge down fast. Don’t fall into them telling you that all you do is cut people off/isolate yourself or that you need to work out things with them. Prepare yourself because that’s a line some of the most toxic people I’ve known use to keep you (their supply) in the circle of abuse.

You’re welcome in advance.. 

Have you dealt with anything like this? How did you burn your bridges down and was it worth it? Comment below!

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