The Reality Of MLM Burnout: How To Conquer It & Use It To Triple Your Success

Blog on burnout..Take break..deactivate FB..identify what burns you need a SYSTEM and set hours..leads..stop chasing people..let them weed themselves out..identify your WHY/dream a customer first..make sure you’re joining someone with a team/system..stick to ONE way of marketing and dedicate everything to becoming the expert..unsubscribe/unfollow big promoters/trainers/tools/other burnout happens with everyone..stop falling into #TeamNoSleep..reward yourself..your mind makes the connection.realize there’s NO damn easy way to make money..

So many people I’ve bumped into are BURNT out..They’re complaining, griping, just all around negative and jaded..looking for a better way (normally an easier way out…can’t blame them..we all try)..and will dig to find any hole they can in a business opportunity

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Some realities of burnout:

– It’s PART of the school of hardknocks in becoming a successful entrepreneur

– The harder you fall and the “smarter” you come back, you can expect yourself to be wildly successful

– It happens a LOT in the beginning

– Even YEARS in, it STILL happens

– It actually isn’t’s a learning tool that allows you to contantly reevaulate your business, strategies and more and tweak them to perfection..Business is constantly changing

– ADVERSITY is part of business (MLM) and your ability to LEARN from it and handle it and come out stronger will determine a lot for you

– MANY times you will take 5 steps forward and 10 steps back…but the point are gaining the highest amount of experience and knowledge you can

– If you’re still around after 3+ years of the burnout rollercoaster, I can bet you’ll do’ve just become seasoned..burn out no longer crushes you or destroys your soul the way it did as a’re now wise and see it coming and tackle it immediately..

– We experience burnout as entrepreneurs because we are perfectionists and extremely ambitious. Most true entrepreneurs I know of put a solid amount of pressure on themselves.

– The more you fight it the MORE burnt out and miserable you will become.

– Burnout is NOT the same as doing tasks you may not necessarily be crazy about..It’s being BEYOND burnt in almost every aspect of life when it comes to what you’re doing..

Signs of burnout

What you can do to conquer it:

– Unplug
– Meditate (Shower, music, essential oils)
– WALK outside..explain the science of it
– Do mundane things like clean, cook, run errands..all NOT business related…if not working is not an option for you..I say even get an easy job..NO SHAME IN IT..sometimes it’s hard working from home and you don’t have the immediate interaction or big network

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