Being Uncomfortable In Business Is Like Eating An Unseasoned Bowl Of Brussel Sprouts

I’ve had a lot of people ask for my tips and secrets to success and say they wanted to work with me but the truth is, guys, I just do a LOT of simple things, CONSISTENTLY and I follow directions and push myself to get out of my comfort zone (or invest) to become comfortable/good at something and if you work with me on a serious note, I’ll push you…in the sense I WILL hold your hand and lock arms with you as we’re running 🙂
Everything I know, I learned from 6-8 figure men in the industry. My newest company is actually the FIRST time I’ve ever signed up with a woman (and she’s freakin’ awesome btw). I didn’t choose it to be this way but noticed one day that it was (lol)
The men I worked with were hard on me and didn’t care that I was a woman..They pushed me as competitively as they would any man. My own team and other partners would even note how much harder they were on me.That’s exactly what the men I worked with did with me and exactly how I became a prospector/closer and have been able to build businesses successfully for 6 years.
The easy way is usually the SLOW and broke way. If people would just commit to being a little uncomfortable a few times or for a short period of time as they quickly develop a skill and become better, they could all have success and be making money.
I equivalate doing uncomfortable things in business to eating a bowl of brussel sprouts ..with no butter..(or insert any other SUPER healthy food that’s good for you that you should be eating more of but don’t).. Does it hurt? Was it terrifying? Was it that hard? Did you die? Nope (lol) (Sidenote: I actually love brussel sprouts. They’re like tasty little cabbages!) 😉 :-p

If you knew you could keep having that bowl of (insert amazingly healthy food that you’re not crazy about) and would be in nearly 100% perfect health within a short period of time (weeks or months), would you just go ahead and do it pretty uneventfully? Sure you would!..and guess what? Eventually your palate would start to form a taste for it..and you’d even enjoy it (wild but true)..

Same thing goes for doing new things in business that stretch you..and at the end of the day it’s REALLY good for you and the curve of going from discomfort to relief and comfort is SO short… 🙂
Simply put..if everyone could do it or was WILLING to do it, there’d be no such thing (or need) for entrepreneurship and making the BIG BUCKS 😉
Do what others won’t to have what others don’t 😉

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