Written Thank You & Welcome Cards: The First Step To Customer Retention

Something I teach my business partners to do is send out a handwritten *Thank You*/Welcome card to new customers (business builders are customers, too) once they become members. These days, people really do appreciate little things like this a LOT.

Also, for those who want to go the extra mile, I tell them to take a small percentage of whatever commission they earned from their new customer doing business with them (if they did earn something) and throw in a nice gift. In our industry, you are considered to be doing well even if you are in the red for the first month. By taking a small portion of what you made from bringing on that customer, you are STILL in profit and now have a customer that is MANY times more likely to stay and be your lifelong customer in many cases. Do the math on that.

When is the last time you had this happen when you bought something? I bet you’d have to think pretty hard to remember because, the fact is, most businesses and business people don’t live by this “rule” these days. Remember the time someone did? How did it make you feel? Pretty awesome huh?!

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Your customers are worth their weight in gold…almost quite literally! 🙂


It’s a proven statistic that it’s 6x more cost effective to retain happy customers than it is to acquire new ones. Additionally, happy customers are 10x more likely to refer others by word of mouth. Let that soak in! B-) A high level of customer satisfaction (where they’re having frequently pleasant experiences) is key to retention!

SURPRISE! People actually like being appreciated 😉 In a world where we can all go ANYWHERE, when someone chooses to do business with you it IS an honor and should be treated as such.

Extra note: Millenials are more loyal than you think. It was noted that 52% said they are either extremely loyal or quite loyal to their favorite brands and outside of the actual quality product or service the biggest personal touch was CUSTOMER SERVICE 🙂 This is what people put the most emphasis on these days because companies and brands with impeccable customer service are a dying breed!
Over 60% of all people will switch to a different company, whether it’s the same cost for their purchase or more, to receive better customer service. The awesome thing about having a home based business is that YOU can be customer service and provide a 5-star experience for your people 🙂
Do you have anything special you do for your customers? Leave a comment and share below. 

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